Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr


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Roy Solomon Jones was born on Haida Gwaii and grew up on the B.C. coast with his mother and father, who worked in the fishing industry. Roy has been married to his wife for 47 year and both he, and his wife Bonita, have worked in the North Coast fishing industry for 28 years. Roy and Bonita have raised three daughters and six grandchildren.

Roy has worked to ensure coastal protection, supported health and education, and industrial opportunities across the country. He has spent a considerable amount of time lobbying government in Ottawa and Victoria every year. He comes to the BC Liberal Party with a great deal of knowledge and experience on the wide variety of issues that we, as Canadians and British Columbians, face every day.

Campaign Office
105 Oceanview Sub, Skidegate BC V0T 1S1
Roy Jones Jr

"We must stop the brain drain from our north coast communities, we need affordable housing to enhance the strength of our communities both in Prince Rupert and in our outlying coastal communities. Bringing industry to these regions with an added-value programs will ensure more prosperity and stabilization for generations to come."

“Dad you can do it, you got the history on the coast and you know the people!”
Kwiaahwah Jones
Roy’s youngest daughter

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