Norm Letnick

Norm Letnick

Your Candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country

Get to Know Norm Letnick

Norm Letnick was re-elected to a third term as MLA for Kelowna-Lake Country on May 9, 2017. He is the Official Opposition Health Critic and served four years as BC’s Minister of Agriculture. Norm has been married to Helene for 38 years, they have three adult children living in Kelowna and two grandchildren. Prior to his election as an MLA in 2009, Norm sat on municipal council in both Kelowna (2005-08) and Banff (1992-98) and was a tenured associate professor in Okanagan University College’s business program. His business experience comes from having owned several financial services and technology-related small businesses. Norm has and continues to serve the public in many ways apart from his elected role including: past president or chairperson of the Kelowna Gyro Club, Banff Rotary Club, a not-for-profit housing corporation, the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital Board, and the Kelowna Affordable Housing Task Force. The Canadian Cancer Society Community Champion Award recipient, Norm is currently a member of the Kelowna Rotary Club, both the Kelowna and Lake Country Chambers of Commerce and chair of the 5th annual walk up Knox Mountain for Health and World Peace. Norm has volunteered all his life including over a decade of serving the homeless at Kelowna’s Inn from the Cold, The Kelowna Gospel Mission, and purchasing a fourplex for use by the Kelowna Welcome Inn Society as a transition home from addictions. He is the lead organizer for the Lake Country Terry Fox Run, and is a volunteer baby hugger at the Kelowna General Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Norm holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Rhodes Scholarship nomination from the University of Calgary, a Master of Business Administration from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, and achieved candidacy status for a PhD in Health Economics from the University of British Columbia and writes monthly columns for the Kelowna Daily Courier on health matters.

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>> Delivering for Lake Country


Reverse Door-Knocking Locations (4:00 p.m. to 800 p.m. unless otherwise noted):

Oct 6 – Rutland/Tower Ranch – Across from Rutland Hall

Oct 7 – Oyama – Across from the Community Hall

Oct 8 – Commonwealth Rd – Near Holiday Park Resort (3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

Oct 9 – Quail Ridge – Carney Park

Oct 10 – Wilden – Near Union Rd. Traffic Circle

Oct 11 – McKinley Landing – McKinley Landing Park

Oct 12 – Carr’s Landing – Coral Beach Park

Oct 13 – Joe Rich – Outside Community Hall – Hwy 33 (3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

Oct 14 – Ellison/Sunset Ranch – Outside Ellison Community Hall

Oct 15 – Black Mountain – Lund Park

Oct 16 – Okanagan Centre – Outside Okanagan Centre Hall

Oct 17 – Glenmore – Cross Glen Park

Oct 18 – Winfield – Beasley Park

Oct 19 – Toovey Heights  – James Hockey Park

Oct 20 – Clifton-Magic Estates – Blair Pond (5:15 p.m. start)

Oct 21 – High Point/Royal Pine/Popular Point – Parked along Royal View Drive

Oct 22 – Upper Lake Stone – Tennis Courts

Oct 23 – Dilworth – Summit Park

"Service to my community is more than a single action – it’s a lifetime privilege. And now, as a grandfather to Luna & Sol, I have even more motivation to make sure the needs of all my constituents are strongly represented in Victoria, for their benefit and to benefit our next generation.”

“Norm Letnick has been a great colleague and friend for over 12 years. He cares deeply about the Okanagan and the province and has a lifetime of service. He demonstrated remarkable leadership and collaboration in response to the current pandemic which has benefited all of British Columbia. His experience, knowledge of the needs of the region, and dedication will benefit all constituents of Kelowna Lake Country and I am pleased to support and endorse his campaign for re-election as MLA.”
Steve Thomson
Former MLA for Kelowna-Mission
Amanda Worms
“Norm’s continued support for the childcare sector in the Okanagan has been exemplary. I truly appreciate having someone like Norm standing behind us while we try to save our spaces and livelihood! Thank you for your service and the support you have offered through some very challenging times!”
Amanda Worms
“Norm has always been there for us, whether in government or in opposition. His advocacy for Lake Country has helped secure provincial funds to make a number of local projects possible including our new middle school, a new community health centre, the highway from Winfield to Oyama, millions to help purchase the Rails to Trails, the expansion of the UBCO campus, more day care spaces, improved water infrastructure, and more. He asks council every year to list our priorities and then never quits until he delivers. I hope people here will support him with their vote for another term.”
Mayor James Baker
“Norm is, and has always been, a fellow farmer at heart. He knows our desperations and our triumphs first hand and is a tireless supporter. Norm has an impeccable and significant record of community service in so many ways. As Minister of Agriculture he led the sector to record economic contribution, sales, exports and jobs and brought forth the vitally important Replant Program to the tree fruit industry. He is a genuine friend of farmer and ranchers while also respecting and serving the general community at large. More importantly, anyone who knows him, even briefly, trusts him immediately, he is a true representative!”
Stephen Cipes
Proprietor, Summerhill Pyramid
“I’ve known Norm since he and his daughter first walked with us in the 2002 Kelowna Terry Fox Run. I was mayor at the time. He offered to serve our city in any way he could, and he has been serving us ever since.” Gray said politics can quickly reveal someone’s character. “The principled way Norm votes – including twice against his own party – plus the relentless pursuit of provincial dollars for our local priorities, and his non-partisan leadership during this COVID-19 pandemic as provincial health critic, have earned my respect and I hope many other people’s as well.”
Walter Gray
Former Kelowna Mayor

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Letnick opts for “reverse door-knocking” during current campaign
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