Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson

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Cole Anderson, 26, offers experience, energy, and a fresh approach to Vancouver-Kingsway. He plans to focus on the recovery and enhancement of neighbourhood small businesses, improvement of healthcare delivery and community support for local families, mental health and addiction issues, in addition to health, safety, and security for the elderly population.

Since childhood, Cole has had a strong affiliation and passion for the Kingsway neighbourhood. His grandparent’s home was situated directly alongside Trout Lake, which gave him the opportunity to spend much of his childhood immersed in the community with his brothers.

After graduating from Vancouver College Catholic school in 2012, Cole began his political journey as an intern for the William J. Clinton Foundation in New York. He was humbled to have been selected as one of only 13 students for the assignment, chosen from thousands of applicants worldwide. During his time with President Clinton, Cole mainly focused on sustainable growth initiative and foreign policy.

After this formidable introductory experience, Cole earned a degree in Political Science and History from UCLA. While completing his degree in California, Cole became an intern and volunteer coordinator for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign at the Democratic headquarters in Santa Monica, California. The months Cole spent working on the campaign allowed him to learn from some of the most effective political and public service advisors in the world.

Professionally, Cole has worked in Vancouver’s financial district and for a local startup company. His hands-on experience in finance and small business equips him to play an active role in BC’s economic recovery as the MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway.

Cole is proud to be a supporter of Tuberous Sclerosis Canada and The Epilepsy Foundation of Canada, inspired by his brother’s struggle with brain seizures as a child.

“Together, we can restore confidence and rebuild BC.”

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