Chelsa Meadus

Chelsa Meadus

Your Candidate for Maple Ridge-Mission

Get to Know Chelsa Meadus

Chelsa Meadus has held many leadership positions in the public, private, and non-profit sector. Citizen Engagement, Public Safety and Community Development have always been her main focus as a member of the Maple Ridge City Council. As a Councillor, she has been able to deliver on all her election promises; these include the successful closure of a long-term illegal camp that was both dangerous and unsanitary for those within its walls and to the neighbouring business; increasing Commercial real estate through a comprehensive strategy as well as collaborating with colleagues; she created a Community Social Safety Plan that has shown early successes.

In addition to these accomplishments, Chelsa has advocated for transit improvements including this year’s addition of the much needed B-line bus. Finally, she fiercely advocated to keep a new recreation center from being outsourced and was successful, saving jobs and our sense of community.

Her professional career has included working in the technology start up sector where Chelsa has been an innovator in healthcare solution development, block chain and the financial sector; she is currently the Vice President of Sales in her latest venture. As an entrepreneur she understands the challenges of businesses in today’s economy and how growing tax burdens have collapsed many great businesses before they could even get off the ground. The pressure on businesses today is impacting their ability to focus on expanding their business and helping grow our local economy. Chelsa believes we must stand behind our business owners and do more to promote economic growth in our region.

Chelsa currently works for a large Canadian corporation where year over year she has accelerated the company’s growth and exceeded targets. Her ability to pivot and adapt during Covid-19 allowed her to successfully support the business needs of her customers and earned her the top achiever for all of Canada. Chelsa’s determination and hard work is the key to her success.

Chelsa’s extensive work in the community spans 25 years, she has been passionate about the nonprofit space and has led many local nonprofits including Fraser River All Nations Society, an Indigenous advocacy group, Ridge Meadows Hospice Society, Adopt A Block and MRPM Youth Centre Society. Her work in community development and engagement is one of the things Chelsa is most proud of, “leaders must listen to the people, in fact you learn far more from people with a different view then you ever will from those thinking the same as you.”

As a working parent she understands the daycare system needs improvements, lack of spaces and trained professionals is impacting the ability for parents to work. Daycare in BC is not working and families need to be sure that the government is prioritizing the care of the children in their plans. “I have depended on daycare to provide for my family and I have experienced the challenges of a lack of spaces and flexibility, this isn’t working for families, we need to do better’.

“It’s time to move our communities towards individualized plans to work with mental health and addictions”, Chelsa’s years of advocacy working with local youth has taught her Prevention is key in reducing crisis, the challenges grow because Prevention has been forgotten. We need to work with people struggling with addictions and mental health the same way we would any other medical condition, a treatment plan customized for the individual. If one thing doesn’t work, we don’t keep doing that we try something else. It’s a complex problem that requires a complex plan to address it.

Chelsa knows as the MLA for Mission/Maple Ridge she will turn things around and get both communities back on track. Both Mission and Maple Ridge are “young cities with amazing potential, we require innovation, collaboration and enthusiasm to move us forward, in Victoria I will assure your voices are heard just as I have done as a City Councillor.”

"YOU matter, together WE will do better."

“Chelsa Meadus is a clear choice for MLA. A proven leader who brings people together and bridges division. Unwavering commitment to families and local business.”
Angie Rowell
Executive at Glory Global Solutions & Lifelong Maple Ridge Resident
“Chelsa works hard for her community, she engages people and works with others to find solutions. Her ability to connect with constituents will be a valuable asset as an MLA.”
Judy Dueck
City Councillor Maple Ridge

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Maple Ridge to benefit from BC Liberals’ historic infrastructure investments
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BC Liberals’ historic infrastructure plan includes funding for Mission
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