Kevin Falcon

Official Opposition Leader

Your MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena

“British Columbians deserve leaders that understand not just how to talk about the big issues that we face, but also how to execute and get things done.”

Kevin Falcon is a devoted husband, father, and community member, serving as MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena, and Official Opposition Leader for the BC Liberal Party.

Kevin Falcon advocates for common-sense politics that focus on growing a strong economy, reducing the tax burden faced by middle-class British Columbians, and providing support to the most vulnerable in our province.

Kevin’s family shares a story similar to many British Columbians.

He was raised on the North Shore with five brothers in a four-bedroom home. His family, like many other large families, endured tight financial times. Along with his brothers, Kevin received low-income support to attend high school at Vancouver College.

Falcon family photo, 1973. Clockwise from left: Mother Jacqueline, Mike (the eldest son), father Brian, Dan, Kevin, Larry, Greg (passed in 1986) and Dave (the youngest)
Kevin (pink shirt) with Dad and brother Dan (yellow shirt)
Young Kevin

Kevin’ brother, Greg, suffered a serious accident that ultimately took his life at age 25.

Years later, Kevin’s dad fell ill with a degenerative disease. These events gave Kevin a deeper understanding and appreciation for the province’s public health care system and the services, expertise, and support it provides British Columbians.

“The care and support my brother received helped me appreciate the need to protect publicly accessible health care for all British Columbians, regardless of income.”

Kevin with brothers. (L to R: Greg, David, Kevin)

Kevin attended Simon Fraser University

While attending Simon Fraser University, Kevin became deeply involved in provincial, federal, and even municipal politics in the community of Surrey.

“A combination of student loans and working graveyard shifts at Seaspan Shipyards in North Vancouver financed my education.”

Kevin as young adult

In 2001, Kevin was elected as the BC Liberal Party MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale.

He was re-elected twice by his constituents and served in a number of cabinet positions, including as Minister of State for Deregulation, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Minister of Health, Deputy Premier, and Minister of Finance.

As Transportation Minister, he oversaw the completion of signature projects including the Canada Line, Sea to Sky Highway upgrades, Kicking Horse Canyon Bridge and the new Port Mann Bridge, to name a few.

Kevin Falcon on the new Port Mann Bridge
Kevin Falcon aboard a test train of the Canada Line, with Premier Gordon Campbell, 2009

In 2009, Kevin married his wife, Jessica. In 2010, they welcomed their first daughter, Josephine. 

“When my wife and I met, we bonded immediately over our shared love for the outdoors.”

In late 2012, Kevin made the decision to step away from politics as he welcomed a second daughter to their family, Rose. 

During this time, Kevin continued his community service work with several non-profit organizations, including the Canuck Place Foundation, the Lions Gate Hospital, and the Streettohome Foundation, which helps to house the homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

“I’ve seen first-hand those impacted by homelessness and the difficulties that they face every single day. Their resilience and hope for the future inspires me to create change and build opportunities for all across British Columbia.”

In 2013, Kevin joined Anthem Capital and oversaw a portfolio of investments in everything from mining, technology, craft beer, and housing development.

Kevin and his wife Jessica at their July 2009 wedding
Kevin with second daughter, Rose
Kevin with Jessica and their first daughter, Josephine

In 2022, Kevin Falcon made his return to politics.

In February of 2022, Kevin won leadership of the BC Liberal Party and in April, he was elected as the Vancouver-Quilchena MLA in the riding by-election.

“Ten years ago, I left politics for my young girls. I’m returning to politics, not just for them but for their entire generation, to build a stronger, united British Columbia.”

The Falcon Family
Kevin Falcon at the 2023 inaugural Vancouver Leader’s Dinner, largest party fundraising event since 2017
Kevin Falcon was elected Official Opposition Leader in February 2022. He was then elected as MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena
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