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Ending the NDP’s big union handout

The NDP-Green coalition has given a handful of politically friendly unions a monopoly on big provincial construction projects: This blatant political payback to the NDP’s biggest donors means that 85% of BC construction workers – those who belong to the wrong union,...

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Equal pay for women

According to Statistics Canada, women on average make just 87 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. This translates into 47 full days of work in a year that women go unpaid for the same amount of work. And BC is one of the worst-performing...

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Get Trans Mountain built

According to one opinion survey after another, a huge majority of British Columbians support the Trans-Mountain Expansion Project – yet the NDP-Green coalition is determined to stop it. They’ve already spent millions of taxpayer dollars fighting the project in court,...

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Standing up for BC resource industries

The NDP-Green coalition has totally failed the resource industries that are the bedrock of our economy, leaving Interior and Northern communities adrift in the face of serious threats to our way of life. Look no further than their botched mountain caribou plan, a...

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Real, practical action to protect our environment

The NDP-Green coalition’s approach to the environment is simple: talk a big game, raise taxes as much as possible, and shut down every industry they can. The result is anything but positive for the environment we all care about protecting: Only 15% of carbon tax...

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Affordability and choice in auto insurance

Under the NDP-Green coalition government, auto insurance is becoming dramatically less affordable for hard-working British Columbians. They’re slapping band-aids on ICBC, the state-run monopoly set up by the NDP in the 1970s – but the problem is getting worse. The...

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Mental health & addictions: Providing a pathway to recovery

Mental health and addictions are at a crisis point in BC, and the response from the NDP-Green coalition just isn’t cutting it: 68,000 BC youth have a substance use disorder – yet there are only 24 publicly-funded treatment beds designated to treat youth.According to...

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Making housing more affordable

Under the NDP, new housing construction has slowed to a trickle. Their own budget projects that new housing starts could drop by almost a third by 2023. Due to increasing taxes and uncertainty, homebuilders are choosing to delay new projects, or cancel them...

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Restoring BC’s economic advantage

Under the NDP-Green coalition government, taxes have increased by over $5 billion since 2017 – that’s an average of $2,700 per household for this year. They’ve added 19 new or increased taxes that far outweigh the benefits of eliminating MSP premiums. And the many...

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A million more people in 25 years

British Columbia’s population continues to grow – and with most of that growth occurring in Metro Vancouver, the region’s population is on track to increase by a million people in the next 25 years. We’re not ready. And on the NDP-Green government’s watch, the problem...

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