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Christy Clark's Legacy

Canada’s strongest economy

Under Christy Clark’s leadership, BC has led the country in economic growth and job creation – a trend expected to continue in the years to come.

We got there by keeping taxes low, cutting red tape, and sending a clear message that BC is a great place to do business.

BC Liberals understand that prosperity comes from the hard work of British Columbians – and government’s job is to make it easier, not harder, to succeed in our province.

Protecting our environment

With a world-leading revenue-neutral carbon tax and a carbon neutral government, BC is an example to the world on climate leadership.

With thousands of new hectares under protection – including a historic deal to preserve the magnificent Great Bear Rainforest – common sense measures to protect our fresh water, and a strong stand to protect our land and coastline from spills, we continued a proud heritage of leaving beautiful British Columbia even better than we found it.

Looking out for BC’s most vulnerable

BC Liberals believe that every British Columbian should get the opportunity to build the life they want.

That’s why we’ve made unprecedented investments in health care, education, and the services people count on – creating thousands of new child care spaces, giving single parents the ability to train for new jobs, and bringing in a formula for reasonable, predictable increases to the minimum wage.

We know the key to strong services and lifting people out of poverty is saying yes to a growing economy – and making sure every British Columbians shares in the benefits.

Spending within our means

Alone in Canada, the BC Liberal government achieved five balanced budgets in a row. That’s how BC has maintained its highest-possible triple-AAA credit rating.

These economic achievements are important because of what they allow us to do. Every penny we don't spend in interest charges can be invested in British Columbians and the hospitals, schools, and services we all depend on.

And thanks to this fiscal discipline, BC is on track to be operating debt-free as early as 2020, for the first time since 1975.

Jobs and opportunity for British Columbians

Leading Canada in job creation, thanks to the BC Jobs Plan, means that more British Columbians are bringing home a paycheque than ever before, in every part of our province.

In the face of global challenges, we built a strong, diverse economy that’s resilient to a downturn in any one sector. Forestry and agriculture are sunrise industries again, a vibrant tech sector is transforming many communities for the better, and thousands of British Columbians will find work building the Site C hydroelectric dam – a source of clean, affordable power for the next 100 years.

And through the Skills for Jobs Blueprint, we’ve been making sure British Columbians are trained, ready, and first in line for the new jobs to come.

Investing in the services you count on

No government in BC history has invested more in health care, education, and other front-line services than Today’s BC Liberals.

With Premier Christy Clark’s leadership, our government protected those services by reaching fair, affordable labour deals with teachers, nurses, and some 98% of public service workers.

A growing, aging, active population means even more investment will be needed in the years to come – and that’s exactly why we need to maintain the momentum of our strong, diverse, and growing economy.

Be a part of the team that's working to build Canada's strongest economy by getting to YES on job creation and growth.

In Her Words

“When it comes to standing up for British Columbia and the people who will be affected by the new government’s decisions, we won’t give an inch.” – Christy Clark