Health Care Action Plan

BC’s healthcare system is in chaos.

Temping doctors, orphaned patients: Turmoil continues in B.C. health-care system

Patients and doctors alike are feeling the effects of a turbulent health-care system, where clinic closures have B.C.’s physicians weighing their options as their orphaned patients plead to be seen by a shrinking number of general practitioners.

'We've been abandoned': Man dies in B.C. town waiting for health care near ambulance station

For the second time in less than a month, a resident of Ashcroft, B.C., died while waiting for health care.

Mayor Barbara Roden told CTV News Vancouver a man was walking his dog Sunday morning when he had a heart attack.

Crisis Conditions Are Worse.

As the crisis continues to get worse, the NDP are doing nothing

It’s time for a real plan to tackle this crisis and make sure our healthcare system is there for people when they need it.

The BC Liberal party is the only party with a real plan to get our healthcare system back on track:

We have a real plan to tackle this crisis

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