Now is the time to be bold and brave.

Andrew Wilkinson’s Comeback Plan for BC includes calling on the government to provide much needed tax relief and financial supports for the safe reopening of small businesses.

Supporting BC Tourism

supporting bc tourism

130,000 tourism workers are expected to lose their jobs — and all John Horgan’s NDP are offering them is a survey.

Andrew Wilkinson is calling on this government to demand BC’s fair share of tourism investment from the federal government immediately.


Strata Insurance Relief

BC’s strata insurance market is in crisis — many have seen premium increases of over 300%. That’s why we’re proposing immediate actions that would help British Columbians struggling with affordability:

  • Pause the 4.4% Insurance Premium Tax
  • Extend the Property Tax Deferment Program to defer up to $2,400 for a year
  • Annual contributions be made to a strata's Consolidation Revenue Fund
  • Mandatory education and training program for strata council members
  • Review the B.C. Building Code and implement new safety requirements
  • Require the B.C. Financial Services Authority to make insurance information public


Protecting Our Mental Health

May was the deadliest month in our province’s history for drug deaths — we need to stop this now. Andrew Wilkinson is calling on this government to provide supports for vulnerable people that will prevent addiction and create a pathway to recovery:

  • A ministry properly equipped to handle the opioid crisis
  • A prescription drug monitoring program to prevent addiction
  • Properly funded scientific clinic trials related to the safe supply program
  • A clear and defined pathway to recovery


Protecting our Seniors

Seniors and caretakers in long-term care facilities have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Andrew Wilkinson is calling on this government to make necessary changes to ensure our seniors are safe and protected from future health crises:

  • Launch a thorough review of LTC to find improvements
  • Allocate funding to create new training spaces for health care assistants
  • Improve the credential recognition process for international professionals
  • Purchase PPE for care workers, staff, and all essential frontline workers in LTC
  • Establish a fund with federal partners to replace or refurbish older facilities
  • Review funding sources for private and public home care and assisted living
  • Provide a timeframe and clear guidelines for in-person visits from family members


Housing affordability for all of BC

Housing affordability continues to be a major concern for British Columbians. As we begin our recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, Andrew Wilkinson has called on the government to take immediate action to help those in need of housing:

  • One-year suspension of new fees and taxes that add costs/delays to projects
  • Incentivize local governments to approve more rental units per year
  • Make public hearings more accessible to communities
  • Make broader use of the Certified Professionals Program
  • Encourage pre-zoning with density bonuses
  • Enable landlords to apply directly for financial supports during COVID-19
  • Extend property tax reductions and deadline extensions to housing developments
  • Implement rebates to encourage reinvestment in aging rental housing


Safe Regional Re-opening

Andrew Wilkinson is calling on the government, in close consultation with public health officials, to consider regionally-based reopenings to help businesses get a jumpstart on economic recovery while still protecting employees and visitors.


Protecting Childcare

Andrew Wilkinson is calling on the government to provide further clarity and protections for childcare as they begin to reopen:

  • Clarify the risks of returning for parents, children, and providers
  • Clearly define what daily 'screening' of children entails
  • Establish a 'Provider Guarantee' to protect childcare providers
  • Make PPE and cleaning supplies part of basic Child Care Opening Fund
  • Publish a comprehensive report on the state of the childcare system


Action against racism

Andrew Wilkinson is calling on the government to take immediate action against the rise in hate crimes and racist incidents in BC:

  • A hotline to report racist incidents
  • Funding for multiculturalism and anti-racism programs
  • More education tools for K-12 curriculum
  • Resources for police forces to combat hate crimes
  • Prioritize prosecutions of racist incidents


Supporting restaurants

Andrew Wilkinson is calling on the government to provide expedited licensing, grants, and tax deductions so that restaurants can reopen safely and serve British Columbians once again:

  • Liquor licenses for increased patio or outdoor space
  • Double the tax deduction for business related meals to 100%
  • Expedite permits of patio and outdoor spaces for food and liquor
  • Permanently allow delivery of liquor
  • Create a small business hardship grant
  • Allow restaurants and bars to purchase liquor at wholesale prices from any liquor store


Andrew Wilkinson is calling on the government to provide financial support for small businesses to get the PPE and other safety equipment they need to keep workers and customers safe, which includes:

  • Greater clarity on rules for reopening businesses
  • Single source for reopening information
  • Central hub for small business PPE resources
  • Refunds to help employers purchase PPE
  • Rebates or credits on WorkSafeBC premiums and payroll taxes applied to wages under CEWS


BC is Back Plan

Andrew Wilkinson’s BC IS BACK PLAN provides British Columbians with much-needed tax relief and financial supports as we begin to rebuild BC’s economy. This includes:

  • 60-90 day holiday on PST, Hotel Tax, and Employer Health Tax
  • Short-term commercial rent relief with a no-eviction backstop
  • Increase our tourism marketing budget to attract visitors when safe
  • A rural BC-specific strategy to ensure prosperity in all regions
  • A moratorium on red tape that would add costs for businesses


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