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August 4, 2015

Vancouver Pride Festival 2015

By: Gul & Kalyx

On Sunday August 2nd, Today’s BC Liberals were proud to celebrate the LGBTQ2+ community at the 2015 Pride Festival. The sun was shining and the air was filled with electric energy that set the mood for the exciting day ahead.

Pride Festival Glass Dispensers
Armed and ready with our cool and refreshing lemonade, all available in everyone’s favourite colour, our team geared up to serve the many thirsty individuals who came by to have a chat and dance with us! Throwing in our swag-tastic BCL Sunnies into our mix made our tent an even cooler booth to come visit.


In honour of the special day, MLA Jane Thornthwaite and former MLA Lorne Mayencourt, were also on site to welcome guests, pass out swag and quench thirst. With their help, as well as the support of our awesome volunteers, we were able to serve over 4000 festival goers, each one leaving with a refreshing drink in hand.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were involved in making this a successful event. To the Vancouver-West End Liberals and all our volunteers, recognize that this would not have been a success without your helpful hands and contagious bubbly energy.

Here at Today’s BC Liberals, we pride ourselves in being a group that celebrates inclusiveness, diversity and equality in our community and being able to show this by participating in this event is something we greatly appreciate. The warm welcomes we received all throughout the day fueled our cup-filling skills and we could not help but smile as we enjoyed a truly memorable event.


By BC Liberal Team