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December 5, 2014

Happy International Volunteers Day!

On behalf of all of us at Today’s BC Liberals, I’d like to say a big thank you to all of our volunteers, past and present!

International Volunteer Day is a global celebration of those who dedicate their spare time to lead social and political change. It takes place every year on December 5 to shine a light on the impact of volunteer efforts everywhere.

Volunteers are an integral part of every political party, and every single political campaign. At Today’s BC Liberals, we’ve been really fortunate to have so many great volunteers on the ground, getting that important face-to-face contact with people at the grassroots. They are the people who run riding associations and put on AGMs. They’re running social media and webpages. They’re hosting engagement events that invite new faces into our party. They truly are the foundation of our success at Today’s BC Liberals, and they all deserve a huge thank you today!

To celebrate, I’d like to highlight some of our awesome volunteers here at the Today’s BC Liberals.

Last month, BC Liberal volunteers Riley Whitelock and Caroline Bleay proudly held down the Today’s BC Liberals fort at HYPE Conference 2014.  They were accompanied by Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Andrew Wilkinson, who was the event’s guest speaker.

HYPE is a full-day conference held every year by the Hanin Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs.  It’s an inter-professional and entrepreneurial network for young Canadians of Korean descent or interest, with a view to fostering each others growth and success.

It was a well attended event that provided an excellent opportunity for our party to connect and underscore our mutual shared values of free enterprise with a strong and vibrant community of young Korean entrepreneurs.

At the event, attendees had a chance to meet with Minister Wilkinson, who talked about the importance of not sitting back and waiting for what you want to come to you, but taking advantage of the opportunity to carve your own career path, which, according to BC Liberals volunteer Caroline, is “a sage piece of advice we can all live by.”

Minister Wilkinson also shared his own immigrant story of moving to Canada from Australia at the age of four, and encouraged attendees to continue building bridges between their home country and Canada.

Volunteering for Today’s BC Liberals is about building bridges between different communities, too. As Caroline points out, volunteering is “a great way to extend our reach and spread our message while also learning and hearing from members in the community.” Caroline is a self-proclaimed “political nerd” who enjoys discussions on any and all political issues, and who spends her spare time representing the BC Young Liberals (or, as we call them around here, the BCYL) in the Vancouver-West End Riding, and who sits as the BCYL Communications Committee Chair.

“At the HYPE event on November 1st, it was great to meet new faces who … ended up asking questions about the party and how to get involved and stay in touch,” says Riley Whitelock, a former BC Liberal intern, who says he enjoys volunteering because it gives him an opportunity to meet fellow free enterprise supporters, and engage them at fun events like HYPE and Vancouver Pride, which he also attended on behalf of Today’s BC Liberals.

Riley manning the sno-cone machine at Vancouver Pride 2014

Riley Whitelock and Sebastian Zein manning the sno-cone machine at Vancouver Pride 2014

“The friends and extended political family that you will forge through volunteering with Today’s BC Liberals will make an indelible impact on your life and is well worth the time and investment,” says Riley.

To find out how you can get involved and become a BC Liberals volunteer, and come to great events like these, click here.  We’re always looking to connect with dedicated supporters like you!



By Jillian Stead