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May 31, 2017

The Next Step

Let me start by thanking you again for all your support in one of the hardest-fought elections in BC history. While we ended up one seat short of a majority government, you helped elect a formidable team of BC Liberal MLAs who will work hard, day in and day out, to keep our province strong and stand up for the values we share.

I believe British Columbians want and need stability in their government. And as the party that won the most seats, we have a constitutional responsibility to meet the Legislature and test the confidence of the people’s house.

As I said earlier today: if there is going to be a transfer of power, it needs to take place in the Legislature, in full public view – not behind closed doors.

In times of uncertainty, the right thing to do is rely on our democratic institutions and the conventions that have served us well for more than 150 years.

Whatever happens when the Legislature meets in June, your BC Liberal team and I will always stand up for the best interests of British Columbians.

To do that, we will need your continued support and your input as we move forward. I look forward to seeing and hearing from many of you in the weeks and months ahead.


Christy Clark

By Christy Clark