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June 22, 2017

Speech From The Throne

Today in the Legislature, your BC Liberal government laid out a renewed vision and a bold plan for British Columbia’s future. You can read more about it here.

This vision is firmly based on our values as a free enterprise coalition party. We will always stand for balanced budgets, low taxes, and recognizing that entrepreneurship and innovation – not government – are the engine of our prosperity.

It’s those values that have allowed us to build the strongest economy in the country. And those same values will carry us forward in the exciting new chapter ahead.

But when voters speak, it’s our duty to listen and to serve them. In this past election, the people of British Columbia sent a clear message that they want us to move faster on further strengthening public services like health care and education, and addressing affordability, poverty, and environmental issues.

We can, and we will, be bolder in building livable, affordable communities as our province grows – shaping that growth rather than letting it shape us.

We can, and we will, take stronger action to help our most vulnerable – while focusing on job creation as the best way out of poverty and into a better life.

We can, and we will, accelerate our efforts to protect our environment and fight climate change while getting to yes on job-creating projects and letting taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money.

An unstable NDP government, propped up by the Greens, would have a disastrous impact on BC jobs, families, and communities.

Where we will invest the money we have, thanks to the hard work of taxpayers – the NDP would recklessly spend the money they wish they had, at the expense of future generations.

As we move forward with this ambitious new plan, BC’s strong economy is the foundation we will build on. And you know as well as I do we are the only party that can keep our economy strong.

That’s why my team and I are moving forward to seek the confidence of the House and deliver the government that British Columbians have asked for.

I can’t thank you enough for your support. As we enter this uncertain time, what I’m sure of is the continued strength of Today’s BC Liberals, united in standing up for the province we all love.


Premier Christy Clark

By Christy Clark