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April 20, 2017

Schools and Community

For the past four years DOUG BING has been Working for YOU!

Doug Bing stood up for the the people and communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows on all the issues you have highlighted as important to you.

New School in South Albion

The South Albion area of Maple Ridge is getting a new $24.4 million school with 585 student spaces. It will be located on 104th Avenue and include a new community centre in a partnership with the city. The city has already committed to the joint project and is currently in the process of getting public feedback.

Thanks to Doug, children in the Albion area will be educated closer to home. This means less pressure on other schools in the district and alleviation for concern over developing our communities without provision of amenities.

It means more opportunities for the students to participate in extra curricular activities and develop a better feel for school spirit that comes from being a part of a local school. Happier students and happier parents – It was Doug that listened to us, stood up and spoke for the families in Albion, and its his hard work that helped to make it happen.

South Albion is a fast growing area of Maple Ridge and a new elementary school has been a top priority for the school district. Partnering with the city will ensure the whole community benefits from the facility.

Shovels should be in the ground in about a year and the project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019.

Albion Community Centre

The old Albion Community Hall had to be torn down for environmental reasons.

As part of this project It’s being replaced by the Albion Neighbourhood Learning and Community Centre which includes: a community hall gathering place, meeting rooms, programming space, child care space, a kitchen facility and outdoor spaces

According to Paul Fast from HCMA Architecture and Design, it’s a very rich natural site so one of the main focuses of the design is to connect people to nature. A natural amphitheatre is a key part of the plans. It will provide an outdoor learning environment.

Maple Ridge is a great place to live and this new school and community centre will enhance that reputation.

Click here to see what the design will look like!

Other Investments in Our Kids!

Students in Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows School district will benefit from over $1.4 million in provincial funding for school upgrades and classroom supplies. Doug believes teachers have a crucial role in the success of students, and having the tools they need to help students learn is key.

Skilled trades students in our school district will benefit from a three year, $15 million provincial program to support youth trades programs with the purchase of new trades training equipment. Doug knows this investment for students will help them experience a smooth transition to great careers in the skilled trades. Our future depends on the youth of today, and Doug has worked hard to ensure our students are well prepared.

School bus programs for our kids received two sets of additional funding totaling $816,000. Doug is proud of the work he has done to secure this funding to ensure our parents and kids are happy and get to school safely and on time!

Additional funding of $468,000 was provided for Westview School for expansion, as well $300,000 for MRSS lighting upgrades.

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By BC Liberal Team