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February 25, 2015

#PinkShirtPromise – Working together to put an end to bullying

One of the most serious issues students can face is bullying – be it at school, in their communities or online. That’s why all of us at Today’s BC Liberals put on our pink today – to take a firm stand that bullying is not and will not be tolerated. (Our entire caucus team in Victoria did the same.)

This is the eighth time Pink Shirt Day has been acknowledged in B.C. (and as the Premier says, the day’s come a long way!) and it brings additional emphasis to B.C.’s ERASE Bullying Strategy (Expect Respect And a Safe Education).

ERASE Bullying is our 10-point comprehensive prevention and intervention strategy designed to address bullying and harmful behaviours in schools. Every child deserves an education free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation and violence. The ERASE Bullying strategy ensures every child feels safe, accepted and respected, regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion or sexual orientation.

Let’s work together to prevent bullying in our schools, in our communities and online.

Put on your pink shirt, post your ‪#‎PinkShirtPromise‬, and do your part to stop bullying.

By Jillian Stead