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April 21, 2017

What Will Say Anything John Say Today on MSP?


Say Anything John is at it again – this time on MSP.

Though his platform co-chair Carole James and numerous candidates have stated the BC NDP will roll MSP into income tax, Horgan said no that’s not our plan and refused to articulate a clear position.

“It’s obvious the BC NDP are making policy up on the fly and are not capable of telling British Columbians the truth on how high taxes will go up,” says BC Liberal candidate Andrew Wilkinson. “It is time for John Horgan to stop dissembling and simply be honest with people – how will you pay for your promise to eliminate MSP? Are you, as Carole James said, going to hide it in the income tax of middle-class British Columbians?”

The BC NDP position has changed repeatedly:

  • JOHN HORGAN: “I’m hopeful that they will completely review the MSP process, integrate it into the tax system” (News 1130 – January 13, 2016)
  • BC NDP PLATFORM: “John Horgan’s BC NDP will eliminate MSP fees and make sure low and middle income families come out ahead. We’ll go ahead with the 2017 budget’s 50 per cent reduction and completely eliminate MSP fees within four years, saving families as much as $1,800 a year. A non-partisan MSP Elimination Panel will advise on how to protect healthcare funding while phasing out this unfair flat tax.”
  • GARY HOLMAN: “We are going to roll MSP into the tax system. (CFAX Saanich North and the Islands All Candidates Debate – April 18, 2017)
  • CAROLE JAMES: “Move it to the progressive tax system” (NDP Platform Conference Call – April 19, 2017).


o PREMIER CHRISTY CLARK: “Carole James came out and said that she was going to be – that you are going to be rolling MSP into the tax system” News 1130 debate – April 20, 2017)

o JOHN HORGAN: “She did not say that” (News 1130 debate – April 20, 2017)

And following the radio debate, the CBC’s Richard Zussman reported: “when I asked him directly. I asked will it be rolled into income tax and he [Horgan] said “no” (Twitter – April 20, 2017)

“The BC NDP MSP policy has long been a shell-game, where the BC NDP hope to just squirrel away the tax somewhere else, eliminating the MSP in name only but collecting it all the same. British Columbians know better,” said Wilkinson. “It is time for John Horgan to come clean and tell the truth.”