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May 5, 2017

Say Anything John Flip Flops in Final Days

Vancouver – With four days before British Columbians choose a new government, the BC NDP’s John Horgan is trying to sneak a new ride sharing position past voters.

Late last night, Horgan issued a short statement saying he’s changed his mind and the BC NDP now support introducing the service this year.

“In March, John Horgan said he would kill our plan to bring in ride sharing and just Wednesday he said if you want ride sharing by 2017 ‘I’m not your guy,'” said Gabe Garfinkel, Today’s BC Liberal candidate in Vancouver-Fairview. “The election isn’t over and Horgan is already flip-flopping. People deserve straight answers. If John Horgan can’t be straight on something this simple how can he be trusted on tax increases or protecting jobs.”

Today’s BC Liberals have been the only party with a clear plan to introduce ride sharing by the Christmas holidays.

“After a lot of consultation we’ve also been honest with the taxi industry and the steps we’ll take to make sure the industry remains competitive,” said Garfinkel. “John Horgan has shown he is very sneaky. He won’t tell people which taxes he’s going to hike, he’s dodging the fact he’s going to roll MSP into income tax and now a last-minute flip flop.

“Premier Christy Clark has been clear and consistent on the issue. That’s the kind of leadership British Columbians deserve.”

Only Today’s BC Liberals have a plan to protect and defend jobs, control spending and grow the economy.


Horgan’s Ride Sharing Flip Flops

NDP blasts B.C. government’s plan for Uber – March 13, 2017

B.C.’s opposition party says the government’s plan to allow Uber into the province is a betrayal to hundreds of small business owners who drive taxis to make a living.

Horgan to Uber Questionaire (Published April 26, 2017)

‘Do you support your party passing new rules to introduce ridesharing to BC in 2017?’

Horgan Answer: YES

Horgan to the Daily Hive (May 2, 2017)

“I’m probably not your guy if December is your deadline.” John Horgan

Horgan Release on 2017 (May 4, 2017)

“The reliance on and demand for ridesharing is growing, and BC needs to be ready for it. John Horgan and the BC NDP support the passing of new rules to introduce ridesharing to BC in 2017.” BC NDP statement