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April 19, 2017

Reality Check On NDP Press Release attacking BC Liberals Truth on NDP Costing

BC NDP said: “Mike, you’ve got stuff in here that the NDP has not promised.” -Province reporter Michael Smyth in response to Mike de Jong’s attacks on the NDP platform

Today, Mike de Jong fabricated an attack on the BC NDP platform. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the inaccurate and misleading claims he made:

De Jong said the BC NDP promised to freeze Hydro rates for four years. This is a fabrication. A John Horgan government will freeze Hydro rates until 2019 while we review the mess Christy Clark has made of this important crown corporation.

REALITY CHECK: The NDP Platform says, “We will freeze BC Hydro rates.” No time frame is given in their platform, nor does their platform cost this promise.

BC NDP said: De Jong claimed the BC NDP would freeze ICBC rates. Wrong again. A BCNDP government would not allow Christy Clark’s planned 42% auto insurance increase and review the mess she’s made of this important public insurance provider.

REALITY CHECK: At the NDP Campaign kickoff, John Horgan said: “We put an end to the 42 percent ICBC rate increase.” No indication of how long this “end” will go, nor how the NDP would pay to “end” the increase.

BC NDP said: Christy Clark has promised to eliminate the MSP but they haven’t said how they’d pay for it. Even worse, Mike De Jong made clear today that the BC Liberals have no intention of actually getting rid of the MSP, saying they are not making an “unequivocal promise”. The BCNDP has promised to eliminate MSP by the end of our first term. We will establish an expert panel and consult British Columbians on how to fairly pay for our health care system and get rid of this unfair flat tax.

REALITY CHECK: This afternoon, NDP Platform Co-Chair Carole James said the NDP would roll the MSP into the income tax system. Who pays? Who knows. Details to be provided later.

BC NDP said: In the 2009 election, the BC Liberals promised a $495 million deficit. In reality, they delivered a $1.8 billion deficit and imposed the HST on British Columbians.

REALITY CHECK: Really? Gordon Campbell made that promise, Premier Christy Clark was on radio.

BC NDP said: In 2013, Christy Clark promised to make BC debt free. Instead she increased the provincial debt by $11 billion.

REALITY CHECK: Christy Clark has a plan to fully eliminate operating debt over the next mandate. The NDP “plan” would add almost $18 billion to taxpayer supported debt.

BC NDP said: Answering questions from reporters, de Jong said that the BC Liberals plan to explore a plan floated by his tax panel which recommended implementing a new value added tax in British Columbia. This sounds like the HST all over again.

REALITY CHECK: At the news conference this afternoon, when asked about whether or not there would be another HST, the answer was unequivocally “No.”

The Say Anything NDP war room is at it again. They are on every side, but yours.