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May 8, 2017

No Show John Horgan Takes Northwest BC For Granted

As the 2017 campaign comes to a close, the NDP’s John Horgan couldn’t even be bothered to show up in Northwest BC once.

While John Horgan took Northwest BC for granted and never came to our communities, Premier Christy Clark visited Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Terrace, and Smithers.

“For far too long the BC NDP have taken our communities and rural BC for granted, but even I thought John Horgan would find the time to visit Northwest BC,” said Today’s BC Liberal candidate John Rustad. “Instead, John Horgan disrespected voters in our region by completely ignoring us in this election campaign.”

On May 9th British Columbians have a clear choice between a Premier in Christy Clark who came to our communities, supports rural BC, will keep taxes down and create jobs, and John Horgan who will raise your taxes, kill jobs, and couldn’t even be bothered to come to Northwest BC.