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May 1, 2017





One of the BC NDP’s biggest boosters – who shared a stage with John Horgan this morning – is labelling key sectors of the economy as ‘dinosaurs.’

“It’s time for John Horgan to stand up for workers, to defend them against attacks like the one from his boosters and donors,” said Today’s BC Liberal candidate John Rustad. “This morning John Horgan was proud to stand with Ms. Berman. Now we find she’s denigrating the industries that help to fund new hospitals, new schools and the programs we count on.”

Rustad was responding to comments from Tzeporah Berman, who in a lengthy interview explaining her enthusiastic support for the BC NDP, told The Tyee: (Premier Clark’s) economic plan relies on propping up dinosaurs, extractive industries.”

“This explains why Horgan has basically skipped going north of 50 – he doesn’t have the jam to tell people in those communities what his party thinks of them,” said Rustad. “A simple question: does the BC NDP agree that loggers, truckers and others whose hands get dirty at work are dinosaurs? If not, it’s clear John Horgan must denounce his advisor.”

Berman was also one of the initiating signatories on the BC NDP’s Leap Manifesto, which opposes resource development and kills jobs.

The BC Liberal record is clear. Since the BC Jobs Plan was launched in 2011:

  • British Columbia leads Canada in job creation – 226,400 jobs;
  • Canada’s lowest unemployment rate, at 5.1 per cent;
  • Added nearly 10,000 jobs in forestry

Only Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals have a plan to defend and protect jobs, control spending and provide a $900 million middle-class tax cut.