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May 7, 2017

Horgan Must Come Clean on Details of Chak Au Deal


Vancouver – It is time for John Horgan to finally come clean with British Columbians about the deal he made with Chak Au.

On Friday, Chak Au held a press conference where he restated that the BC NDP has “blind spots” and that he met with John Horgan, who promised he could vote against the party on certain issues.

Though Horgan doesn’t like to discuss issues during an election, voters deserve to know exactly what issues John Horgan has given one candidate permission to break with the party on?

English translation of NDP Candidate Chak Au Press Conference on May 5, 2017

“With this opportunity, I also want to speak to my friends. When I joined the NDP, I understood that people would ask if I had changed.

I can certainly tell you all that I have not changed – Chak Au remains Chak Au. I retain my independent thought and my bottom line. Over the past 18 years, standing always for the for the perspective of bettering of the society as the person who speaks the truth.

When I was school trustee, I was like this this. As a city councillor, I am still like this, and if I eventually become an MLA, I will still be like this. I can guarantee that no matter which party I am a part of, I will not be a slave to the party.

I have two motivations with this campaign.

Firstly, to tell Liberals that you should not think that you can do whatever you want in Richmond without accountability. If you do poorly, there will people, myself, who will be there to step forward to challenge you.

Secondly, as for the NDP, I must bring a different voice to them. In fact, every political party has its blind spots. The NDP also has these. NDP must hear an unfamiliar voice. I am that person who will bring that voice to NDP. I must tell the NDP so they know the voice of our Chinese community and the issues concerning us.

One may ask – can you do it alone as one person? My answer is – so long as there is a beginning, so long as there is a willing person, things can change.

When I met with John Horgan, he answered my question and agreed to give me this space to, on sensitive issues, vote according to my conscience. So why would I not give it a try (run for NDP)? I thank everyone for their support and confidence. I know the road ahead will be difficult. I hope people will continue to believe in me, give me a chance in Richmond South Centre to bring your voice in Richmond South Centre to the provincial party.

Thank you all.”