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April 21, 2017

Hey John Horgan – How much money did the United Steelworkers of America give you this year?

As United Steelworkers of America president Leo Gerard stood yesterday and applauded President Donald Trump’s attack on B.C. forest workers and their jobs, now John Horgan must tell British Columbians how much money has been funneled into his campaign by the USWA this year.

“The American-based union leader who gave John Horgan his single largest cheque in 2016 had a chance to stand up for British Columbia forest workers and he failed,” said BC Liberal candidate Andrew Wilkinson. “We know that the United Steelworkers of America were the largest donor to the NDP in 2016 – it’s time for John Horgan to come clean and tell BC voters how much they have given so far this year.”

The United Steelworkers of America gave John Horgan $672,576 in 2016, including a single $250,000 cheque that was signed by USWA president Leo Gerard. This was the largest single donation made to any B.C. political party in 2016, made shortly after a leaked memo from the United Steelworkers complained that the BC NDP “viewed them as an ATM” and threatened to stop cutting them cheques unless accommodations were made to the union.

“As the United States government prepares to levy potentially crippling duties on B.C. lumber exports, Gerard had a chance to stand up for workers,” said Wilkinson. “Instead of standing up for Canadian workers, he stood by and applauded as the President said he was coming after their jobs – which might explain why Horgan said ‘good luck with that’ when it came to a softwood lumber deal. British Columbians deserve to know how much the American union is providing to run the BC NDP campaign.”