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April 30, 2017




At an event in Vancouver today, Today’s BC Liberals candidates Gabe Garfinkel (Vancouver-Fairview) and James Lombardi (Vancouver-Point Grey) highlighted that only Today’s BC Liberals have a plan to bring ridesharing to the province by December 2017.

“We’re the only party that has been clear – we will bring ridesharing to B.C. in December 2017,” said Gabe Garfinkel. “Today’s BC Liberals believe people want options for how they get around – so we’re taking action.”

In addition to tabling new legislation to enable ridesharing during the first session after the election, Today’s BC Liberals will also introduce a new carsharing tax credit if re-elected on May 9th. British Columbians who use carsharing services like Evo, Car2Go, and Modo will be able to claim a credit on their taxes starting in 2017. The new credit will cost around $1.5 million annually.

“People in urban areas are looking to adopt new forms of transportation that are safe and green,” added James Lombardi. “Today’s BC Liberals are the only party who are embracing the sharing economy.”

As part of the plan for ridesharing, Today’s BC Liberals will ensure that the traditional taxi industry has support to remain competitive. The party has committed to a one-year transition period, following the implementation of ridesharing, to work with the Vancouver and B.C. Taxi Associations on any changes to municipal boundaries for taxis to ensure it is done right.

This clear and consistent position is the opposite of the BC NDP. Under John Horgan, the BC NDP changes its message depending who they are talking to.

“That’s not leadership and it’s not right for Horgan to tell one group he’d kill our plan,” said Garfinkel, “then tell another group that ridesharing is coming. The BC NDP need to be honest with voters on the issue.”