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April 19, 2017

$6.464 billion NDP Crater: Horgan’s costing deceitful

 An analysis of John Horgan’s NDP platform reveals a $6.464 billion crater, BC Liberal Michael de Jong announced today.

“Horgan looked British Columbians in the eye and said his platform was balanced. We now know that his claims couldn’t be further from the truth,” said de Jong, architect of five balanced budgets. “Horgan’s platform doesn’t add up. There is a massive $6.464 billion crater that can only be filled with middle class tax hikes.”

The analysis – which covers four years and took six days to complete – is based on the 14 most egregious costing errors, plus the failure to account for interest costs on increased spending – covering empty promises that Horgan made that include freezing various rates, pledges to post-secondary students and MSP.

The $6.464 billion figure does not include the NDP’s revenue assumptions or 40 additional uncosted promises. The impact on British Columbia’s credit rating is also excluded. The BC Liberals have retained two respected economists, C. Scott Clark and Peter Devries, to complete a further review.

“I’ve seen what happens when people get in over their heads financially. The NDP’s $6.464 billion in uncosted spending will need to be paid for by all British Columbians, including our children and grandchildren,” says Tracy Redies, the BC Liberal candidate in Surrey-White Rock and former CEO of Coast Capital Savings. “We need a budget that is realistic and transparent, not one that is financially irresponsible so we continue to control spending and build the bright future we all want.”

“John Horgan is making promises that British Columbians can’t afford to keep and he’s refusing to come clean on the crater he’s deliberately creating,” says de Jong. “We’ve seen this before – Horgan and Adrian Dix put together the same playbook for the 1996 election. It wasn’t transparent, it wasn’t balanced and it wasn’t credible. It’s the same old BC NDP.”

Premier Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals have the only plan to control spending, cut middle class taxes by $900 a year, and create jobs to secure a strong B.C. and bright future for our children and grandchildren.

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