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April 24, 2017

NDP Platform is not Credible

Independent Economists Confirm:

NDP Platform Not Balanced, Not Costed, Not Credible

Vancouver—Independent economists have confirmed the worst kept secret in British Columbia – John Horgan’s platform is not balanced, not costed and not credible.

Today’s BC Liberals commissioned economists C. Scott Clark and Peter Devries to determine whether the promises made in the NDP’s platform can be accommodated within a balanced budget. The analysis – which was done by using publicly available data – demonstrates the BC NDP platform is neither balanced nor fully costed.

Clark and DeVries conclude: “…the reality is that because the breath and costs of the NDP promises and insufficient additional revenues, the NDP Platform is simply not financially viable. It would be virtually impossible to develop a fiscally sustainable fiscal plan without a major reduction in political promises, and additional tax increases.”

“These respected Canadian economists, who between them crafted more than 30 Canadian federal budgets, have revealed the fraud that is the BC NDP claim that their platform is either fully costed or balanced,” said BC Liberal candidate Mike de Jong. “It’s time for the NDP to come clean and tell British Columbians how much their taxes will rise in order to pay for their uncosted and wildly unaffordable platform.”

Even current NDP leader Thomas Mulcair calls the two economists “serious” and “credible” when it comes to reviewing budgetary documents.

By BC Liberal Team