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May 4, 2017

Citizens Advisory Committee Report on Homeless

Citizens Advisory Committee Report on Homeless

BC Liberal Maple Ridge Candidates Continue to Stand with the Community on the Homeless Shelter Issue

Today’s BC Liberal candidates Doug Bing (Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows) and Marc Dalton (Maple Ridge-Mission) announced today they endorse and support the recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Committee report.

While serving as MLAs for Maple Ridge, they have a proven record of fighting to support what the community wants, and will continue to do so if re-elected.

Very Impressed by the Committee

“I’m very impressed by the committee’s thoughtful approach in dealing with this sensitive and challenging issue. I feel the committee’s recommendations are prudent, and deal appropriately with the concerns of the community and I appreciate that their focus is on assisting the vulnerable people who need our help. I agree with the report’s findings and will support all of the recommendations of the committee going forward. In particular, I think the report accurately reflects what many people have said, namely, no low barrier, not in the downtown, or on Lougheed Highway, or on Dewdney Trunk Road, or near single family residential areas. I thank the Citizens Advisory Committee for their hard work and professionalism.” – Doug Bing, candidate for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows

“I want to thank each shelter committee member for their professionalism and hard work that they put into their shelter operational and site recommendations. I can assure the people of Maple Ridge, that if Doug and I are re-elected, we will immediately take action to implement these recommendations. I am convinced from the thousands of interactions that I have had with constituents that these recommendations are in tune with most Maple Ridge residents. Sixteen thousand signatures on two petitions makes it abundantly clear what our community wants and it’s astounding that the NDP and their friends on city council fail to see this.” – Marc Dalton, candidate for Maple Ridge-Mission

24 Recommendations

The Committee report includes a total of 24 recommendations, including a number of particular importance for the community:
• Locating the purpose-built facility away from single family home and not on Dewdney Trunk Road or the Lougheed Highway
• Crime that supports addiction not to be tolerated
• No low barrier facility
• No to a downtown location
• Curfew with common sense in-and-out privileges

The full report is available on the Committee’s website at:

Homelessness Maple Ridge


The Committee also provided a number of important considerations to support the needs of residents, including:
• Reasonable access to public transportation and handy dart
• Reasonable access to provincial, medical, and emergency services
• On-site medical services
• Easy access to a path to treatment
If re-elected, Bing and Dalton will continue to advocate on behalf of the citizens of Maple Ridge to find effective solutions to the challenge of homelessness.

Your Committee

The Citizens’ Committee consisted of:

• Christine Bickle
• Dr. Paul Beckett
• Rob Thiessen
• Sandy McDougall
• Jesse Stretch
• Darin Froese
• Lisa Sullivan
Committee biographies are available at:

Maple Ridge Homeless

By BC Liberal Team