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February 26, 2015

#4years – Premier Christy Clark’s Top 10 Accomplishments

Today marks four years since Christy Clark won the BC Liberal leadership race and became Premier-designate.

Four years doesn’t seem like a lot of time to make significant change – but that’s just not the case for our determined, promise-driven Premier.

Since 2011, she’s accomplished a lot.

Let’s take look back at 10 of the major accomplishments she spearheaded as leader of our party (in no particular order) – and please join us in congratulating her by sharing this post with your family, friends, and neighbours.


  1.  Three balanced budgets in a row

By controlling spending and growing BC’s diverse economy, Today’s BC Liberals delivered three consecutive balanced budgets, with nearly a billion dollar surplus in 2014/2015. And, government is on track for another three more balanced budgets – with the Conference Board of Canada projecting BC to lead Canada in economic growth in the years ahead.


  1. A fair, affordable, negotiated 6-year agreement with teachers

When critics said it couldn’t be done, our team stood their ground and delivered the longest negotiated settlement in BC history with the BCTF – so that now we can work together to put student learning first.


  1. Skills for Jobs Blueprint

With a million job openings expected in BC by 2022, government is re-engineering our education system to prepare young people for well-paying, high-demand occupations – so British Columbians will be trained, ready, and first in line for new jobs.


  1. Delivering Canada’s strongest health outcomes

With world-class care, historic investments in health infrastructure, and a focus on healthy living, it’s no surprise the Conference Board of Canada ranks BC 1st in Canada and 3rd in the world for health performance.


  1. BC Jobs Plan

By focusing on key sectors of BC’s diverse economy, our economic plan has helped create more than 74,000 new jobs since 2011 – the largest reduction in unemployment of any province in Canada since the BC Jobs Plan was introduced.


  1. Jobs and Trade Missions

Since taking office, the Premier had the pleasure of leading six Jobs and Trade Missions to growing markets in the Asia Pacific – increasing our trade diversity and attracting new investment, protecting BC from downturns in any one market. The results speak for themselves – BC’s exports to India alone increased 157% between 2011 and 2014.


  1. Supporting strong families

Increasing the minimum wage,  creating the BC Family Day stat holiday, and keeping taxes low – these are just a few ways Today’s BC Liberals are looking out for families across our province. Balanced Budget 2015 includes family-friendly tax credits for fitness equipment and after-school coaching, and keeps our promises to introduce the BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit and BC Training and Education Savings Grant.


  1. Standing up for BC on responsible resource development

British Columbians support resource projects – as long as they’re done right. That’s why I laid down 5 clear, consistent conditions for proposed heavy oil pipelines – protecting our environment and making sure BC communities see real benefits from any project.


  1. Responsibly seizing BC’s LNG opportunity


Our natural gas resource belongs to British Columbians. Today’s BC Liberals passed a competitive LNG income tax framework that makes BC competitive while making sure our citizens get the benefits they deserve. And thanks to rigorous environmental legislation, LNG facilities built in BC will be the cleanest in the world.

With FortisBC and AltaGas facilities leading the way with their regional facilities, and the federal government delivering on BC’s request for enhanced tax relief on capital costs, the conditions are in place for a strong LNG industry that will deliver for decades to come.


          10. New partnerships with First Nations communities

British Columbia’s future prosperity depends on lasting, respectful partnerships with First Nations. That’s why my team has signed dozens of new agreements across the province – from community forest agreements to resource revenue-sharing deals that create transformative opportunities for First Nations communities.










By Jillian Stead