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Message from Ben

Hello, I’m Ben Stewart and I’m asking for your support to be the next MLA in Kelowna West.

I’ve lived in Kelowna West my entire life and this community has given me so much. I’ve started my business here, I’ve raised my children here, I’ve built my life here, and now it is time for me to give back. Having the opportunity to represent this community from 2009 to 2013 was the honour of my life, and I ask for your consideration again in electing me as your provincial representative.

This by-election, voters will be making an important choice. Since coming to power, the BC NDP have failed to put forward a plan to grow the economy. Instead they have actively been working to stifle economic development, and despite inheriting the best economy in the country have already raised taxes. Under the NDP’s anti-investment policies, our province’s prosperity is being stifled by larger government, wasteful spending, and less affordability putting you and your family’s future at risk.

The BC Liberals left British Columbia the best performing economy in Canada. To be able to help people, we need to keep the economy healthy. That’s why we balanced the budget five years in a row, and worked hard to maintain British Columbia’s triple AAA credit rating to allow for critical investments in infrastructure.

This allowed us to invest and rebuild our local Westbank Lions Community Centre and provide upgrades to Westside road. It allowed us to build a brand-new school, Mar Jok elementary, right here in West Kelowna to help educate a whole new generation in our community. In health care, we invested $381 million dollars for a new Heart and Surgical Centre at Kelowna General Hospital. Government can only make these types of investments when we have a strong economy.

The last time the BC NDP were in power they failed to build a single new hospital anywhere in British Columbia. This is what happens when government stops growing the economy. Based on what we’ve seen from the NDP so far, I’m worried we are going down that path again.

I’m running because I want to fight for this community and for the future health of our province. Together, we can build a stronger British Columbia for everyone.


Ben Stewart
BC Liberal Candidate
Kelowna West


Campaign Office
101-3711 Old Okanagan Highway, West Kelowna, B.C. V4T 2H3
778 754 7800