“I don’t understand this affordability stuff”

— John Horgan

The NDP promised they would make life more affordable for British Columbians.

5 years later—here are the facts:

57% of British Columbians say they can’t keep up with the cost of living.

In 5 years the average price of a detached home in Greater Vancouver has increased by $600,000.

The Average rent in Vancouver has increased 23% in the past year.

The Average rent in Victoria has jumped 20% in the past six months.

Gas prices have reached over $2 a litre in the lower mainland, and the NDP continues to ignore calls to make the Carbon tax revenue-neutral.

Plus, John Horgan has essentially told British Columbians to take the bus.  TransLink fares go up 2.3% this summer.

In 2021 grocery prices in British Columbia rose by 5.9%. Experts are expecting even greater increases this year.

As costs continue to increase on everything from
Gas, Groceries, to Housing, the NDP has voted themselves:

The only people the NDP are making life more affordable for is themselves. No wonder John Horgan says, “I don’t understand this affordability stuff.”

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