Leadership Election Organizing Committee issues statement on membership audit process.

Vancouver (January 11, 2022) For Immediate Release

BC Liberal Party Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) Co-Chairs Colin Hansen and Roxanne Helme have issued the following statement:

Our Party is committed to a leadership race that is fair, equitable and representative of the diversity of our Province. At the beginning of this process, we established rules for all candidates to ensure a level playing field for all participants.

As part of the process and to ensure confidence in the outcome of the leadership race, the Party Staff implemented an audit system designed to maximize voter participation while preventing fraud.

As a result, of the approximately 43,000 current active party members, 3,025 remain flagged for further follow-up to confirm their membership information before they will be permitted to register to vote. This represents approximately seven per cent of the Party’s total membership.

The criteria used to identify memberships for further review is based on a number of objective measures.  It does not use any form of demographic characteristics to identify individuals for audit. 

Some of the indicators used include:

·       Anonymized IP Addresses

·       Missing email addresses

·       Missing phone numbers

·       A credit card that doesn’t match the member’s name or listed address

·       Use of a non-Canadian IP address for membership purchase

·       Overuse of a single IP address

The system also flags the bulk use of contact information, such as an email or a phone number. This is of particular importance to protect the integrity of the vote because members will use their email address and phone number to register and to cast their ballots.

To resolve these issues when flagged, the Party has been directly contacting members in order to verify membership data. These calls are ongoing, and all opportunities are being taken to reach out to members in order to address these issues.  No memberships have been cancelled.  No members have been expunged.  Members will be given every opportunity and supported through the end of the Party’s registration period to address any issues concerning their membership data.

A final determination on members eligibility to vote will be made by the Chief Returning Officer as stipulated by the Party’s constitution and the Rules and Procedures for the Election of the BC Liberal Party Leader. 

We believe this system is a reasonable and fair way to ensure that our members can have confidence in the results of this leadership race, while at the same time encouraging the active participation of our membership. 

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