Can’t trust NDP on Massey Tunnel replacement, they oppose car-based infrastructure

DELTA (October 20, 2020) – First, the NDP killed the construction of a replacement for the ageing Massey Tunnel.

And then — well, nothing.

John Horgan studied, studied it some more, and then did nothing.

The BC Liberals committed to the immediate construction of a 10-lane bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel.

In response, the BC NDP’s Ravi Kahlon couldn’t give any timeline on when the NDP might get around to replace the largest bottleneck in B.C.

And today, the NDP revealed how they really think about commuters: “Now is not the time to invest in car-based infrastructure,” said BC NDP candidate Bryn Smith. “This doesn’t look forward, it looks backward.”

BC Liberals believe commuters looking to get home to families, seniors trying to get to appointments, and parents taking kids to practices deserve a real plan.

“We’re going to build this bridge and we will get it done for those who have waited too long,” said BC Liberal candidate Ian Paton. “If the NDP hadn’t let petty politics get in the way, the bridge would be nearing completion. People want relief now and it’s clear that only the BC Liberals will deliver.”


Shane Mills
BC Liberal Party

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