BC Liberals release election platform to Restore Confidence and Rebuild BC

VANCOUVER (October 13, 2020) – John Horgan and the NDP broke their own election law and triggered an unnecessary pandemic election with no real plan to help people now or tomorrow.

The BC Liberals and Andrew Wilkinson are offering a bold vision that helps people today, rescues struggling small businesses, protects and creates jobs, and invests in and protects the public services that people count on.

“British Columbians are deeply concerned about their future and we need strong, disciplined leadership to get us through this once-in-a-century challenge,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “British Columbia was once a place of incredible opportunity — the plan we are introducing today will help get us through this pandemic and back to a place where everyone feels they belong and where everyone has a chance to succeed and get ahead.”

The BC Liberals’ path to recovery includes immediate relief and a plan for our future. Highlights include:

  • elimination of the Provincial Sales tax (PST) for one year;
  • an end to tent cities and more supports for people experiencing homelessness;
  • help for seniors to stay at home longer and access to their own private room when they require long term care;
  • real $10-a-day child care and more affordable, accessible child care for those who need it;
  • an end to the ICBC monopoly so drivers have choice and more affordable auto insurance rates;
  • infrastructure investments like a 10-lane George Massey Tunnel replacement bridge, a new Richmond Hospital acute care tower, and a new second Surrey hospital; and
  • more police, prosecutors, and mental health workers to make our streets and communities safer.

When comparing the BC Liberal plan to the NDP’s lack of a plan, Wilkinson noted the COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-century crisis that requires all governments to take extraordinary measures.

“At a time of such uncertainty and worry, British Columbians need a leader with real-life experience, which I have — having practiced both law and medicine — versus a career politician and lobbyist like John Horgan,” added Wilkinson. “The BC Liberal plan is built on the fundamental optimism our team has in British Columbia’s future. Once we are through this crisis, the BC Liberals will ensure we get back to balanced budgets, consistent debt reduction, and strong, long-term fiscal management that guarantees a bright future for our kids and grandchildren.”

Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals are proud to put this exciting platform in front of British Columbians — a plan that will restore confidence and rebuild B.C.


Read the Platform

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