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Andrew Wilkinson BC Liberal Party

November 2019

Dear Friend,

Up and down our province, British Columbians are tired of the NDP government picking winners and losers and telling them how to live their lives. From suburban families paying too much for ICBC, to forestry workers facing job losses, to farming families having their property rights stripped away, BC is ready for a government that offers opportunity for all of us.

Facing a fragile minority government, we need to offer bold, compelling ideas for an election that could come at any time. We are developing a platform that will excite British Columbians in that election – one that offers positive change and hope, and opportunity for all of BC.

In the meantime, here are just a few of the ideas that we stand for today, and will for years to come:

  • We will stand up proudly for BC’s forest sector and resource industries. In the midst of a historic crisis in BC’s forest sector, resulting in thousands of layoffs, John Horgan and the NDP have totally failed our resource industries, and left Interior communities adrift in the face of serious threats. We are the only party standing up for rural BC and the way of life in communities that the NDP have written off and walked away from, starting with a five-point plan to get BC forestry on track for recovery.
  • We will give drivers affordability and choice in auto insurance. British Columbians are very tired of high-priced auto insurance – and the rates are just going to keep on rising under the NDP state-run monopoly called ICBC. Only the BC Liberals will give BC drivers the choice they deserve, and stop John Horgan from cranking up your auto insurance bill every year.
  • We will get people with addictions on the pathway to recovery. We are the only party fighting to give people suffering from mental health and addictions challenges more than just a roof over their heads – they need a full spectrum of care and real opportunities to get off drugs and lead healthy, productive lives. Because we cannot just stand by and watch another 1400 deaths, year after year.
  • We must restore and rebuild BC’s economic advantages – The people of BC look to us to reduce the burden of taxes and red tape that crush innovation and growth. We will reverse BC’s decline as a global hub for technology and innovation, so we can attract and create the jobs of the future. 
  • We will take real action to make housing more affordable. About 60,000 people move to BC every year – and that means we must build more housing. It’s that simple. Part of that means pushing back on the NDP tax onslaught against new housing – and it also means we will replace the NDP’s phony speculation tax with a presale condo flipping tax to crack down on real estate speculation without punishing hard-working homeowners. 
  • Why are women so often paid less that men for the same work? We’ve already proposed a law that will ensure complete transparency in pay scales for both men and women – because everyone deserves a fair deal for equal work, because we believe in opportunity and fairness for everyone.
  • We will get the Trans Mountain pipeline built. Only the BC Liberals support building the TMX pipeline to provide you with a secure, affordable, and reliable fuel supply. In the meantime, the NDP are going to let you, the taxpayer, foot their costly legal bills as they continue to obstruct this important project in the Supreme Court of Canada. If the NDP want to obstruct this necessary project in the Supreme Court of Canada, let the NDP pay the legal bills, not BC taxpayers.
  • Real, practical action to protect our environment – Instead of NDP tax grabs and grandiose schemes, we need to get serious about building up wildlife populations and saving our wild salmon — and we need to position BC to lead the charge on clean energy solutions to climate change.
  • We will end the NDP’s overpriced deals with their union buddies. Costly and discriminatory union deals on public infrastructure are just plain wrong – we will stand up for fair deals on construction, and support the rights of non-union construction workers. We successfully stopped the NDP from scrapping the secret ballot for union drives – but we still need to reverse John Horgan’s payback to his hand-picked supporters and return to equal-opportunity tenders on public projects.
  • We will prepare the Lower Mainland for the next 25 years – There will be another million people in the Lower Mainland by 2040 – where are they going to live? We need to make generational investments in transit, roads, and bridges to reduce congestion, so that the quality of life we love so much does not get lost in massive traffic jams on congested freeways.

What ties all these things together is our fundamental belief that government should help people get on with their lives – and take as little as possible from them in taxes and fees. The NDP, meanwhile, believe government always knows best – and John Horgan will keep raising taxes to reward his friends. 

Right up to the next election, we will continue to put forward bold, new ideas to make British Columbia a better place for everyone

Because that is what we mean when we talk about Opportunity for all of BC. Working together, we’ll once again make this a place we can all be proud of, where everyone can prosper.

Because that is what it means to belong in this great place that we call our home – British Columbia.

With many thanks, and very best wishes,

Andrew Wilkinson
BC Liberal Leader

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