Real, practical action to protect our environment

The NDP-Green coalition’s approach to the environment is simple: talk a big game, raise taxes as much as possible, and shut down every industry they can.

The result is anything but positive for the environment we all care about protecting:

  • Only 15% of carbon tax revenue is going towards clean energy programs – turning this tax into just another government cash grab.
  • Taxes and red tape are threatening BC’s ability to develop innovative, high-tech solutions to the climate change challenge.
  • Our forest industry is threatened with a total shutdown in huge parts of the province, thanks to the NDP’s deeply flawed approach to caribou protection.
  • Thanks to NDP mismanagement, BC is falling behind on its goals to transition to hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • With the Carbon Tax increased to $50 per tonne by April 2021, BC residents will be left with a substantial bill to heat their home with natural gas.
  • Budget 2020 actually cuts the budget of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy by $4.6 million, including significant cuts to the Environmental Protection, Environmental Sustainability, BC Park, and Conservative Officer Services.

We’re not going to solve climate change and other environmental challenges by wrecking our standard of living, or keeping the rest of the world in poverty.

Our natural resources like LNG are part of the solution – not the problem. That’s what the NDP and Greens don’t understand.

BC can do so much better.

A BC Liberal government led by Andrew Wilkinson will focus on clean air and water, get serious about protecting wildlife like our wild salmon, and position BC to lead the global charge on clean energy.

That’s what Opportunity for all of BC is all about.

If you agree, please show your support with a contribution of $5 today.

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