Mental health & addictions: Providing a pathway to recovery

Mental health and addictions are at a crisis point in BC, and the response from the NDP-Green coalition just isn’t cutting it:

  • 68,000 BC youth have a substance use disorder – yet there are only 24 publicly-funded treatment beds designated to treat youth.
  • According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) BC, 84,000 children have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder – and two-thirds aren’t getting the treatment they need.
  • While mental health challenge cost BC $6.6 billion every year in lost human potential, the NDP is only spending $10 million on their Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.
  • No new money to support the fight against the opioid crisis.
  • Zero funds for a new Surrey Hospital.

In communities like Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, and Kelowna, modular housing projects have been built without local community input and with inadequate support for residents.

The NDP’s solution is to put vulnerable people in temporary housing, then walk away. That’s not good enough.

People dealing with addiction and mental health challenges need true, wrap-around support services – and a pathway to recovery.

BC can do so much better.

A BC Liberal government led by Andrew Wilkinson will give people suffering from mental health and addictions challenges more than just a roof over their heads – with a full spectrum of care and real opportunities to get off drugs and lead healthy, productive lives.

Andrew is the only leader who has actually treated mental health and addictions on the front lines.

That’s what Opportunity for all of BC is all about.

If you agree, please show your support with a contribution of $5 today.

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