A million more people in 25 years

British Columbia’s population continues to grow – and with most of that growth occurring in Metro Vancouver, the region’s population is on track to increase by a million people in the next 25 years.

We’re not ready. And on the NDP-Green government’s watch, the problem is getting worse.

Metro Vancouver estimates 182,000 more housing units are needed in the region through 2026 – and under the NDP, new housing construction will drop by 22% in 2020.

Due to increasing taxes and uncertainty, homebuilders are choosing to delay new projects, or cancel them altogether.

In addition, 73% of residential buildings in Vancouver were built in the year 2000 or before, and 39% are more than 40 years old. Many of these will need substantial renovations or replacement in the coming years.

In the 2017 election, the NDP promised an additional 114,000 rental units. Two years in to their government, only 2,430 have been built – not even close to what’s needed. At this rate, it will take another 98 years for the NDP to deliver on the promise of 114,000 homes.

With demand set to rise dramatically, these trends will mean higher housing costs for both renters and buyers – and make it harder than ever for British Columbians to buy their first home.

People in Metro Vancouver don’t just need homes they can afford – they need to be able to get around without ever-worsening congestion.

John Horgan’s giveaway to NDP-friendly unions is adding billions to the cost of new roads, bridges, and transit – all at taxpayer expense. That means fewer projects will get built, and Lower Mainland infrastructure will keep falling behind the needs of our growing population.

BC can do so much better.

A BC Liberal government led by Andrew Wilkinson will prepare the Lower Mainland for the next 25 years with generational investments in transit, roads, and bridges to reduce congestion, ensuring the private sector builds the right mix of housing to create affordable options, and making real progress on safe, affordable childcare.

That’s what Opportunity for all of BC is all about.

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