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A strong economy and secure tomorrow

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"RT @HarbirDhillon14: Last day of the Internship at @bcliberals. Gonna miss this place and the people! Thank you to everyone 4 this summer! …"

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"All those in Oliver, Midway, and Rock Creek affected by fires in their communities are in our thoughts. We're inspired by residents' unwavering strength and generosity. Thank you to all local volunteers, emergency personnel, and firefighters for all you're doing."

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In the May 2013 election, the people of British Columbia elected a strong, renewed team of BC Liberal MLAs.

Since then, our diverse caucus has been working hard to deliver a strong economy and secure tomorrow for every BC community – united by confidence in our constituents and their ability to do great things.

Our team comes from every region of the province, bringing a wide range of perspectives to every challenge and opportunity that BC faces. Under the leadership of Premier Christy Clark, we’re focused on seizing BC’s LNG opportunity, getting to yes on responsible resource projects, and investing in skills training that works for the next generation.

With your support, we’ll keep working to make British Columbia an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

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