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Blast from the Past: the Dix Plan for the BC Economy

Blast from the Past: the Dix Plan for the BC Economy
August 29, 2011

The current global economic uncertainty highlights the need for a sound plan for BC’s economy, but Adrian Dix refuses to provide one. As the chief architect of the disastrous economic policies of the 1990’s, we can assume Dix will return to those policies.


Adrian Dix and the BC NDP made no mention of increasing personal income taxes in their official party platform leading up to the 1991 election.

But, upon forming government, Dix turned around and raised taxes by a staggering $2 billion, giving BC the highest marginal tax rate in all of Canada - driving economic growth to last place in Canada by 1998.


Since 2001, Adrian Dix and the BC NDP have voted against every single tax cut brought forth under the BC Liberals – that means they have voted against more than 100 tax reductions for hard working British Columbians.

In fact, Adrian Dix referred to the tax cuts made by the BC Liberals as “elitist and ideological”. If Mr. Dix thinks tax cuts to low and middle income earners are elitist, it confirms his plan to repeat the reckless tax and spend policies he brought in as the chief architect of the 1990’s.

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