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Party Sets Leadership Vote for February 26, 2011

Party Sets Leadership Vote for February 26, 2011
November 15, 2010

Vancouver - The BC Liberal Party Provincial Executive has passed a motion this evening calling for the party's province-wide Leadership Vote to be held Saturday, February 26, 2011, BC Liberal Party President Mickey Patryluk said tonight.

"After deliberation our Provincial Executive has set February 26, 2011 as the date for our first leadership vote in seventeen years," said Patryluk. "Throughout this process our board has been working to ensure that a smooth leadership transition was conducted in a timely manner, and tonight we took a big step towards accomplishing that goal."

The decision tonight comes on the heels of a Provincial Executive meeting Saturday where the same board called an extraordinary convention to modernize the party's constitution to not only give all members a vote in selecting the next party leader, but also give every region of the province an equal say. If the proposed constitutional amendment receives approval of 2/3rds of delegates in attendance at the extraordinary convention on February 12th, the Leadership Vote will proceed under the new weighted voting system.

"We felt it was important give our members an opportunity to adopt a more representative voting process prior to the Leadership Vote," said Patryluk. "The setting of these dates provides for a thoughtful, organized, and reasonable process allowing our party to move forward."

Given the existence of an extraordinary convention to be held February 12, 2011 in Vancouver, and the party Biennial Convention to be held May 13th & 14th, 2011 in Penticton, the Provincial Executive has not called an official Leadership Convention to be held in conjunction with the Leadership Vote. Discussions of how ballots are to be cast are ongoing and an announcement will be made at a later date.
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