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Helping Parents
Plan For
A Potential Teachers' Strike

August 26, 2014

Help for Families

A Teachers’ Strike is the last thing anyone wants. It is a massive disruption to students, teachers, and families with effects felt throughout the province. What we do want to see is teachers and students back in their classrooms this September. Our passion for finding this solution is the reason we are focused on negotiating an agreement that will not only work today, but one that will work for years to come. Classrooms throughout British Columbia are recognized for having some of the best outcomes in the world, and we intend to keep it that way.

Learn more about how BC Schools are leading the way on a Canada-wide level as well as throughout OECD countries.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. While we want to reach a labour agreement as soon as possible, we recognize that if one is not reached job action may continue into September. Should this happen, families throughout our province will immediately feel the effects. This is why we’ve set up a contingency plan.

The Temporary Education Support for Parents will provide some financial relief to parents in the event of a continued strike. Families can apply for this at, but remember, this is not mandatory. We know that not all families are in need, but we also know that for some, this temporary relief will be a huge help in easing the financial burden that comes with securing additional child care. Families that are not in need and would rather the money stay in the education system can leave their payment unclaimed. By alleviating some of the stress some families will experience, we are able to continue fighting for the future of your children’s education.

Additionally, provides families with up-to-date information on the status of the strike as well as access to further resources surrounding extended job action. Online learning resources for parents are included to help families keep their children engaged in age-appropriate learning activities while schools remain behind picket lines. Remember parents, this resource is for you. Share it amongst your fellow parents to ensure that no one is left in the dark.

Finding a deal and getting students and teachers back to school for September is this government’s top priority, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared. It is very important that we mitigate the effect this has on our children and our families. Please visit to learn about the strike, apply for Temporary Education Support for Parents, and stay updated. We remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached soon.

July 2, 2014

Vancouver Leader’s Dinner

This year’s Vancouver Leader’s Dinner not only saw the biggest turnout ever but also a speech that reassured the room of our commitment to building a better British Columbia.

June 3, 2014

Spring Session: Delivering for BC


A full Session Ender document from the BC Liberal Government Caucus is available here:


14194428754_d20bba81d7_b (1)

On Thursday, May 29th, the Legislative Assembly reached the end of the 2nd session of the 40th parliament. Here are some examples of how Premier Christy Clark and your BC Liberal team are keeping their promises to control spending, ope new markets, attract new investments, improve on B.C.’s safety and social infrastructure, and modernize B.C.’s laws to serve you better.

“We can be proud of our work, but we need to keep it up. We’ve seen
how momentum can shift. Everything we do to grow the economy,
control the size of government, and create more opportunity makes
a difference today, but also for generations to come.

“If we keep up the momentum, we can keep making history.”

-Premier Christy Clark


Your government delivered a second balanced budget in a row, keeping taxes low and controlling public spending. And this sound fiscal management recently resulted in reaffirmation of BC’s AAA credit rating.




Led by Minister Bill Bennett, the Core Review process continues to find ways to save you money and focus on the services that matter most.




This 10-year plan to re-engineer BC’s education and training system will ensure that the next generation of workers is trained and ready for the jobs of tomorrow.



British Columbia is on track to compete and win in the global race to meet the energy needs of Asia-Pacific economies. With numerous projects in the planning and land acquisition stages, we’ll be able to create 100,000 good jobs, pay down the provincial debt, and make a huge contribution to reducing global carbon emissions. Your government is also working to put BC business and workers first in line for new LNG opportunities.




The governments of BC and Canada are working together productively to make sure BC workers are first in line for BC jobs, and that growing businesses have their labour needs met.



Premier Christy Clark and her team are energetically promoting BC to our growing trading partners in the Asia-Pacific — creating new export opportunities for our forestry, mining,agri-foods and technology sectors, and more.




Bringing BC’s antiquated liquor laws into the 21st century isn’t just good for business — it means new opportunities for communities and non-profit organizations across the province.




An important theme of the past session has been recognizing historical wrongs, and committing to correct them as best we can.



MLAs from all parties came together to mark the 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru tragedy.




Protecting BC’s agricultural heritage by helping farmers and ranchers make a living and stay on their land — that’s the goal of ALR reforms passed during this session.




When it mattered most, Premier Christy Clark and her team stepped in to help reach a deal between Canada’s largest port and striking truck drivers — allowing our Pacific gateway to reopen for business.




By offering a fair increase tied to economic growth, Minister Mike de Jong and your government have negotiated agreements with huge parts of the public service under the Economic Stability Mandate.




New amendments to existing laws will help natural resource companies create jobs while protecting our environment.




Resource revenue sharing agreements with BC Aboriginal groups are creating certainty, cooperation and opportunity in communities across BC.




This new legislation to protect BC’s water has been applauded by conservation groups. It will facilitate responsible use of this precious resource, protecting supply and quality for future generations.




Updates to the Animal Health Act will be good for animals, agriculture, and consumers, too.


June 2, 2014

Lighting a Spark in Fort St. John

Our director of engagement, Pamela Martin, was recently in Fort St. John to speak at the 2014 Spark Women’s Conference — an opportunity for local women professionals to network, learn and be inspired. Pamela was joined by BC Liberal Women’s Network president Janet Smukowich for a great day of engaging with the women who help make the Peace region and BC strong.

Here are a few photos from the Women’s Network luncheon that day in Fort St. John. A special thank-you to organizer Shaely Endicott for her great work!




FSJ Spark 2014


May 28, 2014

Convention 2014: Video Highlights

Convention 2014 was full of great speakers and moments. Below are full videos from the Free Enterprise Welcome, Prosperity Panel with Pamela Martin, and Premier Christy Clark’s keynote address.








May 28, 2014

$20.17 for 2017 — an investment in BC’s future

At our recent Convention 2014, we launched $20.17 for 2017 — an innovative digital campaign to raise the resource we’ll need to win another victory in the next provincial election.

This campaign puts the power squarely in your hands to help us keep delivering a strong economy and secure tomorrow for BC. It’s your contribution of $20.17 that will help us reach out to British Columbians across the province, and connect them with our values and our message.

By investing $20.17 in our next campaign today, you’re standing up for the BC you want to live in. And you’ll receive two great gifts: a BC Strong bumper magnet for your vehicle, and a word magnet that will look great on your fridge.

Click here to learn more and to make your investment:


May 13, 2014

Promise Made, Promise Kept



On May 14, 2013, you asked us to keep working towards a strong economy and secure tomorrow.

We’ve been working hard every day to keep our promises to you.

We promised to keep government spending under control, balanced our budget for the second year in a row, kept taxes low and reduced red tape – and we’ve delivered.

Going forward, we’ll stay focused on growing the economy – by investing in skills training that works, getting to yes on projects that create good jobs, and expanding our trade with Asia-Pacific markets. That’s how we’ll continue to invest in health care, education, and the other things we all depend on.

As always, you and your family are top of mind. We’re working for you.

That’s what you asked for during the last campaign, and my team and I are determined to deliver.


Hon. Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia


Balanced Budget and Controlling Spending

As promised, we have now balanced the provincial budget two years in a row. In 2014, we are one of the few jurisdictions to do that.

We achieved this despite challenging economic times – by making tough but necessary decisions to control government spending. That means careful review of how every public dollar is spent through the Core Review process, which has already saved taxpayers millions. And it has allowed us to keep taxes low while investing in priorities like health care, education, and infrastructure.


Strong Progress on LNG

 As promised, your government has worked aggressively to realize B.C.’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunity.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create opportunity that lasts for generations and pay down our debt – so we’ve put aside old divisions to work with labour, industry and First Nations to build the LNG industry.

With several major LNG projects acquiring land, laying groundwork, and receiving export licenses, we are well on our way. We are working to make sure that B.C. workers are first in line for the jobs LNG will create, and that local companies and contractors take full advantage of these new opportunities with our LNG Buy-BC program.

Cleaner-burning LNG is also the greatest contribution B.C. can make to reducing global carbon emissions, by replacing coal and oil consumption in growing economies like China’s. If China follows through on their plans to convert 4% of their power generation from coal to LNG, it would mean a 90-megaton reduction in greenhouse gases every year – the annual equivalent to shutting down every car, factory, school, and building in B.C. for 18 months.


Skills for Jobs Blueprint

As promised, we are re-engineering BC’s education and apprenticeship systems to train the next generation of skilled workers and put them first in line for BC jobs.

With about a million job openings expected in BC by 2022, making sure our workers have the right skills is a top priority. So we’re partnering with educators, the private sector, organized labour, and First Nations to make sure students and workers get the training they need.

Over the ten years of our plan, BC will be allocating about $3 billion in skills training for high-demand occupations, so more British Columbians are trained and ready for the opportunities that await them. 


 Jobs and Trade Mission to Asia

As promised, increased trade with Asia-Pacific markets is already creating new opportunities for British Columbians. Our exports of lumber, minerals, agri-foods and other BC-made products have grown dramatically in the last few years, reducing our reliance on traditional markets like the United States. Every new dollar of goods sold overseas means more good jobs here at home.

That’s why I went to China, South Korea, and Japan in the fall, and Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong so far this year: to establish new relationships with government and industry leaders, help BC companies identify trade opportunities, and send a clear message that BC is open for business.


Strong BC, Strong Canada 

As promised, we are working with the Government of Canada on our shared priorities. We successfully negotiated an agreement on the Canada Jobs Grant that will help BC companies hire and train the workers they need. And we are cooperating to build a strong natural resource economy that works for every BC community.

BC is ready to step up and be a leader in Confederation, even more than we already are. Because a strong and prosperous BC means a better country – for all Canadians.


An Open Government

As promised, we are listening to and consulting British Columbians on an unprecedented scale. Already, the public has been consulted on key issues including liquor law reform, highway speed limits, creating opportunity for people with disabilities, proposed reform of forest tenures, and many local and regional issues – with much more to come.

Today’s BC Liberals believe that the people deserve a say in the direction of their province. Through public consultation, we are making each citizen’s voice more important than ever.


Reforming our Liquor Laws 

As promised, we are bringing BC’s liquor laws into the 21st century, increasing convenience for consumers and helping to grow the tourism and hospitality sectors.

After consulting the public on their wishes and priorities, we have moved forward on reforms that will reduce red tape and barriers to profit while protecting our youth.

This is the kind of leadership you can expect in the years ahead: putting old battles behind us in the relentless pursuit of a strong economy and secure tomorrow for all of BC.

It’s what you elected us to do. My team and I are privileged to have your confidence, and we are determined not to let you down.