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A fair deal for B.C's teachers and taxpayers
Thank-You from Christy Clark

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  • A negotiated settlement

    “Thank you to British Columbians and teachers for their patience through these past, difficult months – this gave both sides the space and time required to negotiate a long-term agreement. We are proud that the agreement strikes a fair and appropriate balance between the interests of B.C. taxpayers and our hardworking teachers.” – Premier Christy Clark

    Premier Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals have negotiated the longest settlement with BC teachers in history. A 6-year negotiated settlement means a more productive long-term relationship with the BCTF, and it means kids won’t be left out of classrooms down the road. This agreement gives government, school boards and the teachers’ federation the opportunity to put divisions behind us and focus fully on B.C.’s students and making our great education system even better.

    Once again, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have proven they can keep their promises. Since the start of the BC teacher’s labour dispute, we’ve committed to reaching a negotiated settlement at the bargaining table. And we’ve kept that promise. By saying no to binding arbitration, we have kept our promise to control government spending, and keep taxes low, while negotiating better classroom conditions for BC students and teachers.

  • $20.17 for 2017

    The next provincial election is in 2017, and coming up fast. The time is now to build a stronger party and keep BC moving in the right direction. That’s why we’re asking you to donate $20.17 towards our next campaign. We’re counting on your support to help us deliver a strong economy and secure tomorrow for BC. Give now, and get a great bumper sticker and fridge magnet that proudly show your support for Premier Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals:

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  • Standing Firm for British Columbia

    “Our position on the Northern Gateway Pipeline is unchanged. Northern Gateway still has a lot of work to do to meet British Columbia’s five conditions.”  - Environment Minister Mary Polak

    All heavy oil pipeline proposals are subject to BC’s five conditions.  And the Northern Gateway Pipeline has not met the five conditions. Even with the federal government’s announcement, the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline has only met BC’s first condition – the successful completion of the environmental review.  There are four more to go. Meeting all five conditions will be a challenge.  We set the bar high for a reason – we need to ensure that British Columbia’s concerns around the environment, First Nations’ participation and overall economic benefit are taken seriously. There has been growing acceptance by industry and other governments of the importance of the five conditions and the need to build social license.

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